Common Sense Media is a nonprofit organization that writes reviews on all types of media. From movies to videogames, Common Sense Media has a review that gives recommendations for all types of media that are specific to your student’s age. Along with an age restriction for the product, the review gives a detailed summary of the content, the plot, and key topics to talk to your kids about before using the specified media.

Their Goal

Common Sense Media’s goal is to empower Parents and Teachers to be a positive influence when it comes to growing media demographic. By providing unbiased opinions on widestream media, parents can take control and fully understand what students are taking in while they are on the internet. Common Sense Media understands that keeping up in the digital world can be difficult, and right now, a tool like this can be essential in understanding what your kids are taking in right as the new media is released.

Parent’s Concerns

The site has a section for key concerns that parents are going through. They have videos for parents of all ages, and advice for key media concerns any person could be going through.Topics such as: screen time, cyberbullying, and appropriate age limits are new gray areas that parents now have to deal with. Common Sense Media can be a huge relief to parents that have no idea where to start. Not only does the site address media, they point out other key topics parents need insight on. Drugs, body image, and life skills are also addressed in articles ready to help you, help your kids succeed.

Rating System

Common Sense Media’s Rating system is an unbiased rating of the media your child is taking in. Their guidelines help better understand what content isn’t only age-appropriate, but also developmentally appropriate for the student. Each rating is based on the fundamental development of the child’s age. How easy the game is, how violent the media is, and the learning value contribute to the rating of the media.

Teaching to Students or handling your child’s media intake can be hard, but with Common Sense Media you have an aid helping you navigate through key concerns with a breeze.