Working on the computer all day can be very tiring; backs begin to ache from slouching, eyes burn from staring at the big bright screen, and fingers cramp up from tireless typing. Luckily there are extensions to prevent the problems that come along with using computers 24/7. Posture Minder and Save My Eyes are extensions that help your health.

Posture minder

A lot of people have the tendency to slouch when they are on the computer, and this particular extension reminds you to sit up straight to prevent back pains and strains. The reminders come as pop-ups on the screen with a tiny message that may be something like, “Sit up straight, chum.” You can set reminders on any time interval you choose, and there is also an optional alert sound. Not only does the extension remind you to sit up, there is also an option to set walking reminders that tell you to get up and walk around to save your back from painful aches.

Save my eyes

When you binge watch Netflix for hours on end, your eyes probably begin to burn. This extension is a very simple and easy solution to burning or watering eyes due to computer use. Save My Eyes reminds you to take a break when working on the computer. All you have to do is set how long you wish to work on the computer and how long the break will be. Then simply click start to begin saving your eyes. The extension will reduce eye fatigue and dryness when you have a long day at work or late night Netflix binging. 

Everyone uses computers, and everyone experiences the pain that comes with them. In order to avoid the pain, download these extensions to save the health of your back and eyes. But if you ever need a break from the alerts, both extensions may be turned off.