To download you must first access the chrome web store . Once here type in the search bar and hit enter. will be the first option under the title ‘Extensions’. Click ‘add to chrome’ and you can begin your experience.

Options and Settings

To access options, right click on the icon

  • User Preferences: In this part of the options and settings page you can select the time increments for site blocking. You can also modify the list of sites to be blocked when is activated.
  • Import and Export: In this part of the options and settings page you can import or export your list of blocked websites. This can be helpful when sharing lists with others who have the same extension

How Helps You is a unique extension that aims to help you stay focused by blocking self-selected websites. One of the key features of this extension is that once you set the time for websites to be blocked, you can’t unblock them until the time runs out.

How to Access Writer

First things first, you must download Writer. To do so, you must go to the chrome web store and type in the search bar “writer”. This app will be the first option under the tab labeled “Apps”. Click add to chrome and you are ready to begin. To access the app click on the 9 little box icon in the top left corner of your screen. This will pull up all your apps. Select writer and begin writing your masterpiece!

How it Works

Once you open the app you can begin writing. To access options click on the gear icon at the bottom middle of the screen.

  • Interface: This tab is where you can choose the color of the font or background. You can also choose the font type and size as well as line spacing. You can also enable typing noises and keyboard shortcuts. On the right-hand side of the screen, you can see a sample of the changes you make to the display.
  • Account: In this tab, it displays your user information such as OpenIDs and your email address. Here you can edit personal information and change your password.
  • Extras: In this tab, you can select different options to aid you in writing. You can type in how many words to a page for page counting and other features. This tab also shows features you can use if you upgrade to a pro account.

Why does Writer Help You Stay Focused?

Writer helps you stay focused when writing because the interface is simple. There are limited options as far as things you can do to the document so it is easier to stay focused when writing. The default settings for Writer are a black background and green font so this blocks out all distractions on the screen. This app helps you to stay on task while writing masterpieces!