Stay Focused with Turn Off the Lights

Turn Off the Lights is an extension in which you can block out the background of any web page or site that has a video. This makes it to where you can focus solely on the video instead of all the background nonsense. It is also useful for those who are sensitive to light or the bright glow of computers.

How to Download Turn Off the Lights

The way to download Turn Off the Lights is to access the chrome web store. Click on the option ‘extensions’ on the sidebar. Type “turn off the lights” into the search bar and hit enter. The first option will be the extension you use. Click ‘add to chrome’ and the extension will be added to your toolbar. The icon for the extension is a light bulb that will appear in the top right of your tool bar. To get to options right click on the icon and select ‘options’.

How it Works


  • Screen – these options allow you to change colors, opacity, and background of the screen behind the displayed video.
  • Autoplay – this option allows you to decide if you want Turn Off the Lights to automatically dim the screen when you press play on a video, brighten the background after the video stops, or automatically dim certain sites.
  • Autostop – autostop options do the exact opposite of autoplay; once selected videos will stop automatically when you access select website.
  • Youtube – this option allows you to pick and choose what you want to show on Youtube when you use Turn Off the Lights to dim the screen

Visual Effects:

  • Atmosphere Lighting – with atmosphere lighting options users can add a colored blur behind the video  or other visual effects.
  • Fade In/ Fade Out – this option controls how the effect appears; with this selected the effect will fade in and out when the video is selected or clicked off of.
  • Reflection – adds reflective effect to video
  • Audio Visualization – here you can change the  video audio visualization opacity

Advanced Options:

  • Flash Detection – this option when activated detects Flash objects which can sometimes interfere with the playing of videos.
  • Dimness Level Bar – when lights go out you can choose to see the dimness level bar or not during your viewing experience.
  • Video Volume Slider – this option creates a slider where you can change the volume of the video by scrolling on the mouse whenever turn off the lights is activated.
  • Video Toolbar – when this option is activated you will see a toolbar below your video screen and will be able to access many tools to aid in your viewing experience.
  • Video Hover – after a certain amount of seconds when you hover your mouse over a video element it will automatically play
  • Video Speed – here you can change the playback speed of the video
  • Eye Protection – this option allows you to choose when the screen dims whether it be during videos or when certain web pages open up.
  • Shortcut keys – in the advanced options tab there is a compiled list of key shortcuts that you can use when this option is enabled.
  • Bulb – here you can choose your favorite lamp icon and change the themes of your web page brightness when turn off the lights is used

Night Mode:

  • With the Night Mode option, you can switch modes from light to dark depending on the time of day.
  • If you are sensitive to light this is especially helpful
  • In this tab, you can select certain sites to activate night mode on as well as what time of day night mode can be accessed
  • Another option is where the switch that you click to access night mode appears on your screen

Camera Motion:

  • To use this feature you must first enable the camera motion option.
  • With this selected when you move your hand/fist from the top of your screen to the bottom, the dark background will slide down.
  • To make sure the camera motion works correctly you will have to make sure of two things:
    • Make sure that your room has enough light, but the camera is not receiving direct sunlight
    • Make sure you use your front-facing camera

Speech Recognition:

  • When you enable this option you can speak one of many commands to the browser lamp:
    • Turn off the lights
    • Turn on the lights
    • Play video
    • Pause video
  • To turn this on you have to select the dialect of which you speak

TOtL Welcome Guide:

  • This tab is where you can access the TOtl welcome guide. This guide allows you to learn even more about the extension Turn Off the Lights and explore its many features.


  • In this tab, you can report an issue or access the extensions website and developers.