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Healthy Extensions for Techies

Working on the computer all day can be very tiring; backs begin to ache from slouching, eyes burn from staring at the big bright screen, and fingers cramp up from tireless typing. Luckily there are extensions to prevent the...
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Become a Presentation Pro with the New Slides Update

Google Slides has come out with a new update with new interesting features. This update incorporates Google Keep, Linked Slides, and a few other features users were itching to get on the site. With this new update the...
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Be More Productive with and Writer!

Downloading To download you must first access the chrome web store . Once here type in the search bar and hit enter. will be the first option under the title ‘Extensions’. Click ‘add to...
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Stay Focused With Turn Off the Lights

Stay Focused with Turn Off the Lights   Turn Off the Lights is an extension in which you can block out the background of any web page or site that has a video. This makes it to where you can focus solely on the video...
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Declutter with Toby

Everyone hates having millions of tabs open at once. It’s super stressful and looks cluttered. Luckily, there's Toby, a useful extension that de-clutters your tabs and organizes them into one page. How to get Toby Click on...
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